How much propane (LPG in our case) do you carry?

We carry two 10 kg. Bottles. Each bottle usually lasts us through about 3-4 months of cruising.

What safety precautions do you follow?

Bottles are stored in a flammables locker located at the stern of the boat that is vented overboard. The active bottle is connected to a solenoid valve activated at the stove. The solenoid valve control panel also has a gas “sniffer” that will shut the valve at the bottle if a gas leak is detected. When we are finished cooking, we turn off the stove/oven with the solenoid valve first and allow the flame to burn out any remaining gas from the line to the bottle. Then we turn off the stove burner. Whenever we leave the boat for the day, we shut off the power to the solenoid valve at the breaker panel. If we leave the boat for any extended period of time, we close the gate valve on the gas bottle.

Any problems obtaining propane when cruising? If so, how do you deal with
the problem?

We’ve never had any problems getting LPG during nearly nine years of cruising. That said, having a six-month’s supply will usually get you past any areas where availability may be limited. I recommend that one consult the most recent cruising guides for any area you intend to visit to find out what supplies and provisions are available

The only glitch we have had is filling bottles in NZ.

NZ regulations require that bottles be inspected every five years. My bottles had been inspected in the States five years before and were stamped with the inspection date. The problem was that the inspection facility in the Bay Area had stamped the date right on the actual bottle as opposed to the lifting collar. The NZ inspection people felt that this breached the integrity of the bottle, would not certify my bottles and destroyed them. I had to buy two new ones.
What type of propane bottles?

We use aluminium bottles.

Where is it stored?

Bottles are stored in the flammables locker aft.

Do you use an electric solenoid?

Yes. The solenoid is control is located near the stove in the galley.  It has a gas detector that will automatically shut the solenoid valve in the event that gas is detected in the interior of the boat.

What sort of hose/tubing is used between the propane bottle and stove?

We are still using the rubber hose that was original equipment on the boat. To date, we have not ever had any evidence of leaks.

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